A las Barricadas! is a tactical platoon-level wargame for two players. It recreates the battles between nacionalist and republican forces during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The maps represent the areas in which the battles shown on the scenario cards took place, covering all fronts and periods of the war. The counters represent most of the units on both sides, including anarchist and communist militias, gudaris, regular infantry and guardias de asalto (militarized security forces of the loyal goverment), republicans; falangists, carlist and requeté troops, guardia civil, infantry, native Moroccan troops and legion units on the fascist side, as well as tanks and armored vehicles, aircraft and artillery pieces for both sides.


A las Barricadas! uses for the War Storms Series rules for the first time, which are especially oriented to a realistic recreation of the 20th Century war confrontations. The rules observe the interactions of infantry, armored troops, artillery on and off-map, as well as aircraft. Thanks to their simplicity and flexibility, it is possible to develop the Total War tactics on maps overlayed with hexagons that represent an area of approximately 150-200 metres.

The use of leaders has a new importance because they allow coordination dice throws to try and activate units simultaneously. The morale of the troops also plays a significant role in combats and assaults, depending on the characteristics of each unit and the officers in charge; special units like commissars for the republican army and chaplains for the catholic troops on both sides play their part influencing the morale of the soldiers.

Four geomorphic mapboards and 15 scenarios with an estimated lenght between 45 minutes and 3 hours assure an intense -and dynamic- experience of play, with constant attention asked of players thanks to the reaction rules that keep the possibility of maneuver even during the other player´s turn.


The game, designed by Juan Carlos Cebrián (designer of the SCW module for Critical Hit) and with Nicolás Eskubi (Best Wargame Graphics CRS Award 2005 winner) as art director, the game is now available to purchase and the ship date is november 30-2006. The game includes: four 29x40 cm maps; two sets (322 counters) with three different sized counters and markers ; two dice; a printed 44-page manual in three languages (spanish, english and french); and 15 scenario cards and one card of tables.